Ditch the hotel. Rent a home instead.

I travel. I hate hotels. I personally find them stuffy, small and irrespective of what the stars say, inherently characterless. I chose to experience someones home instead, a room or the entire space.

I’ve used Airbnb to host travellers in Singapore for over 2 years [read all about it here] and consequently have been using this service to find homes to stay at over the holidays for even longer.

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Rustic Green. Winging it with Airbnb in Ubud. 50/50.

For a trip to Bali (Read: Cloud drama! Black sand beach. Amed. Bali.) last week with my girlfriends, we decided to change things up a bit from the usual luxury resort living. We trolled the internet for independent villas in Ubud, focusing on the ones that were away from the main areas, in and around the paddy fields. We chanced upon a 3 bedroom gorgeous ‘designer’ villa on Airbnb, in close proximity to a functional hotel called Indigo Tree. The setting was rustic, beautiful, so green and fresh that we nearly did a little jig the first morning.

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