Bookshelf Mix.

I have always perceived a conventional book display to be boring.

When I found myself forced to buy, due to space restrictions, a 2-self wall unit instead of a funky vintage-esque vertical bookcase, there lay the pain in making it work.

Over the course of a few months, my ugly and boring bookshelf has undergone a masterclass in looking groovier.



I first got rid of the redundant bookends and used the books to prop themselves up, thereby opening up the shelf space to more content. I then balanced the books with tiny framed art work and pottery collected on holidays abroad [with a mix of nailed to the wall and leaning free-style against the wall]. And eventually added a small money plant [since they can be put in water without the messiness of soil] to inject that extra colour and life.



I feel the fuller and busier look lends a lot more character and appeal now.


28 thoughts on “Bookshelf Mix.

  1. LOVE! I took a similar approach to my book shelves too, stacking some vertically, some horizontally, adding in knick knacks where there was space… feels better, doesn’t it?! I love the little framed pictures you’ve added in, too!

  2. This is so beautiful and creative! I think books are like works of art and should be displayed! I like to arrange mine by colour so it almost creates a slow rainbow on my shelves.

    • Thats a fabulous idea, I’ve always wanted to try that but find the books I have way too colourful 😛 I think I might try it someday though!

      Thank you! Agree, books are like works of art and should be given their due.

  3. I completely agree, the fuller and busier look is fantastic, it looks really good. I have a little boat like that sitting up in the attic somewhere, you’ve just given me a great idea for using it in decorating! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very pretty bookshelf Aradhana! I also do the vertical /horizontal stacking thing ha! Remember I was telling you about Urban ladder? I got my book shelf from there..

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