A frame is a frame [is a frame?]

Is a frame just a frame?

I personally think, to a certain extent, art is in the framing. A great frame isn’t just a supporting act; I have frames that possibly cost more than the contents they holds, thereby becoming art in their own right.

I find bare walls unfriendly and often I try to fill the spaces with whatever I can find. Of course in harmony with the surroundings, plastering every square inch will look busier than an Indian market place.

I like to frame canvas art. I don’t think it detracts from the work itself and find naked canvases up on the wall tend to look messy. I also like to re-frame cheap poster art or water colours bought from thrift stores/antique stores using a better frame, mounting and if necessary non-reflecting glass.

I got a set of watercolours I had picked up while on holiday in Venice re-framed for my apartment in Singapore a few years ago. The framer made a suggestion, to add that extra bit of drama, of ‘floating’ the artwork over the white mount. A little expensive but worth every penny; the paintings looked worthy of putting up and so different from when they were stuffed into their make-shift IKEA frames.

Frame play









Mountings tricks


10 thoughts on “A frame is a frame [is a frame?]

  1. You are so right! I’ve always believed that ‘if it’s in a frame it’s art!’ As a family, we did some hand prints, just with poster paint on cheap paper (we all used different colours and had our hands in different positions), we signed and dated them, framed them, and have them as a set of four grouped together on a wall. Everyone that visits comments on them and loves them as much as I do. Thanks so much for visiting my site and leading me to discover yours!

    • What a wonderful idea! I’ve seen people paint absurdly random things on newspaper and then frame it grandly to take the ordinary out.
      My pleasure, you have a great blog 🙂

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