Hello Moby!

While on holiday, I was so delighted to chance upon the Jonathan Adler store on Portobello Road that I promptly forgot about the rest of the market and spent the hour before closing wondering how to fit all the shop’s contents into my suitcase!

Unrealistic cravings settled into the possible and I left much heavier and immensely poorer.

However, it was well worth it. Moby Dick now has a new home and I think he looks rather grand!

Ceramic whale bookends

Ceramic whale bookends

I unquestionably love the Muse collection. Clean lines, strangely abstract composition with a great element of drama; perfect as a gift or playing dress-up. Size and weight being the main constraint, my choices, unfortunately, had to be small and light.

Muse Votive Candle Holder

Muse Votive Candle Holder

For more on London, go here.

6 thoughts on “Hello Moby!

  1. Moby’s gorgeous; but that drawing of the family in your last photo is my absolute favourite! The super-cool dog, the little boy’s bow tie, Grandad’s portrait on the wall? Brilliant.

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