De-coding the Bento. Tokyo. Japan.

Almost everyone has heard of or been to the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, made famous by the cult indie movie Lost in Translation.

Kozue, the Japanese restaurant on the 41st floor has a delightful view (including Mount Fuji on a clear day) and menu, which is where we decided to eat on our 2nd day in Tokyo. We chose the lunch bento box, Waka, and there on started the most amazing journey!

The bento box, wrapped like a neat present was begging to be opened and discovered. Nothing in the bento looked like food and we had to constantly refer to the menu and our tastebuds for insight on what we were eating.

FUJI Bento Box

WAKA Bento Box

We started with a miso soup served with brown seaweed, tofu and leeks.

Deep fried greenling, yomogi tofu, udo greens, clear soup

Miso soup

The edible garden-isque bento contained:

◊ Grilled yellowtail, Japanese pepper bud, bonito sashimi
◊ Simmered sqilla with egg yolk, deep fried tofu, ginger
◊ Steamed rice with sakura shrimps
◊ Pickled vegetables
◊ Steamed summer crab, fig, vegetables, sesame soy sauce

Bento box layer 1

Bento box layer 1

Bento Box layer 2

Bento Box layer 2

Red bean jelly, lily bulb, plum paste dessert

What a treat, and of course the amazing view!

Tokyo city on a very rainy day

Tokyo city on a very rainy day

4 thoughts on “De-coding the Bento. Tokyo. Japan.

  1. Cheers for following my travel and food blog BuildingMyBento, Aradhana! Speaking of my namesake…

    the cookies in the last photo look like a Kyoto specialty, but I can’t recall the name. Do you also have a photo of the menu?

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