Not black.
Not white.
Something in between.
Achromatic. Dramatic. Fun.
I’ve always wondered what it would look like on a wall, and decided to try it out.

I chose a dark charcoal grey; great cool colour to off-set the steamy Indian summers. A lot of people think dark colours make a room appear smaller and dingy, I don’t agree and believe it depends on how one would colour co-ordinate items in the room.

Now, my bedroom looks open and airy and the contrast between the dark walls and white ceiling tends a chic rich appeal. Moreover, fabrics, art, furniture, colours look all the more glorious!

Colour pop



Indonesian Chibutat sofa

Indonesian Chibutat sofa

The fabulous Shalini Pereira, interior designer and architectural consultant with her own design firm SPDA, covered my room in her scrumptious blog titled All Things Nice.


33 thoughts on “Grey.

  1. The reason I read this post, I also have written about gray, albeit a different reference. I love your room, the colours, beautiful! Thanks for the like!

    • The window dressing is such by default (the pink ones were brand new but way too bright so had to come down and since we didn’t want the trash the entire lot we used it with the grey & white). The sofa seat is actually a cotton sari; I change the colour as I please esp from summer to winter. I’m going white for the Indian summer now πŸ™‚

  2. So glam yet earthy ! love the pop of colours with the knick knacks.. so reflects the home owner’s tastes..lovely !

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