Postcard perfect Capri. A photo journey.

Gorgeous Capri while on holiday with the family in Italy over the summer of 2009 (Ref: Beyond Picasso. Venice Art Biennale 2013). A few of our favourite things..

Views from Monte Solaro; not to forget the hair-raising, constantly squeaking, single chair lift ride to the top!

.. Emperor Augustus atop Monte Solaro…

Statue of Emperor Augustus.

Statue of Emperor Augustus.

.. the effervescent shades of blue of the Grotta Azzurra…

Blue Grotto/Grotta Azzurra.

Blue Grotto/Grotta Azzurra.

.. the boat ride to the magnificent Faraglioni rocks and around the island, captained by my father, a licensed mariner…

the Faraglioni rocks.

the Faraglioni rocks.

.. and of course the lemons.


Photo gallery awash with blue.


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