Snickers. The cat no one wanted.


Snickers | A whole host of crazy | Always engaging, always fun.

|First Sight: Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something or someone you connected with from the very first second.|

She came to me as a foster pet, December of 2008, through Feline Friends Dubai, an organisation that takes in and re-homes stray cats. The volunteer she was temporarily staying with was traveling out of Dubai over Christmas.

She was discovered on the streets of Dubai, a small straggly kitten, with no tail, a broken leg and an attitude so fierce you could only but wonder what cruelty she endured as an abandoned baby before being rescued. No one wanted her at the adoption drives; tiny with huge green eyes peering from her travel box, attracting all the attention at first and subsequently hissing everyone away. 

She spent 2 days and 2 nights hiding under the bed when she moved into my apartment, gradually making it her own. I was sold. She was adopted. Like a little lost lamb, she follows me everywhere, and would move with me from Dubai to Singapore to most recently, Delhi.

She is moody, petulant, comical, intelligent, extremely talkative, a little kooky and utterly charming. She does however have trust issues. To others, who have the fortune (or mis-) of sharing her space, she may not be outwardly friendly, certainly won’t let you pick her up or touch her for endless periods of time. Regardless, her unconditional love, trust, attention and faith in me makes her a truly unique and engaging companion.

The word used most frequently to describe her, crazy.


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3 thoughts on “Snickers. The cat no one wanted.

  1. What a beautiful sweetie she is. You are lucky to have her…and she is lucky to have you. I have a friend in Kuwait who has taken in two lovely and lively kittens that he found abandoned on the streets. They too were sick and needed love. I have adopted 6 kitties over the years. They were the loves of my life – they are all gone now. 😦

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